1. GoDaddy — 15.5% of Market Websites
2. Amazon Web Services — 8.9% of Market Websites
3. Google Cloud Platform — 7.1% of Market Websites
4. 1&1 Ionos— 6.7% of Market Websites
5. Squarespace — 4.4% of Market Websites
As we all know that today every person has a website, it has become very important that you have become a text of your introduction if you want to tell it yourself, then you must also tell you that your website What is the name of this article, so why is this article made about keeping the data of all the people’s website? I will tell you in this article how you will make any website How will domain domains and how will you host your website, so there are many hosting companies in the market that host the data of your website but still I will tell you about the top-hosting company of the market but before that Let me also tell you that you have to disassemble what type of website you want to create, to create a website, a lot of languages Cell Phone is the language you want to create a website, you can support your auditing company. If you want to create a website in Java, then the website comes in a different type of hosting company, that means you have a program written in Java Different Java hosting companies will be required if you are looking to create your website in PHP, then you will be able to download PHP hosting vista Host and PHP hosting company if you are willing to make the net, you will need hosting company.

Hosting Companies Features
1. GoDaddy Professional Email, Managed WordPress, SSL Security, VPS, Dedicated Hosting
2. Amazon Web Services Database, Analytics, Business Application, Developers Tool, Internet of Things
3. Google Cloud Platform Storage,Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, security,Hybrid and multi cloud
4. 1&1 Web Hosting, Online Marketing, Email & Office, Servers, Cloud Solutions
5. Squarespace Website Templates,Websites, Online stores,
Marketing tools, Email Marketing

As we all know that the hosting is one of the key factors in the world and the data of the website is accessible from almost all over the world who is connected with the internet so if you want to host your data online and if you want to access your data from anywhere in the world then you requires the hosting of your data then the address is given to your server so that other people can also be able to access your data if they requires data so in this way the existence of domain and hosting comes place another things which we have to understand is hosting is really very important for all the people in this time all the government organisations government constitutions body habits on website and their managers them there are a lot of professionals in the world who eat managing this website so in this article I have try to mention the top hosting companies in the world I think this list may help you.

The another main things is where you want server of your website like if you want server in USA if you want server in UK if you want server in Japan then you have to personally visit or contact your hosting company that where the hosting companies server is located the server is available in your country or as the server is available in all over the world and it data is transferring from one country to another country in a very fast man or the copy of the data is available in all other countries with the help of the server all this things will be clear to you on your personal hosting companies where you are planning to buy your hosting there are different types of fasting plants age according to your need you by your hosting plan


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