In today’s time, Information Technology has become a big value when sees the whole world from a perspective, we know that Information Technology has been of great importance in unifying the whole world, we should also know Which is a company that is doing a very good job in Information Technology and it is at the highest position. I have made some list for all of you. In which I have tried to tell that in the Field of Information Technology today, many companies have been made products of many Information Technology companies which are free versions and there are some rules by the company that topped the entire world You should use the product or any of your requirements as per your requirements, you can use the product made by these companies. If so, then let’s go ahead and see what the company is, what are the features of the company that works.

1.IBM : This company is at the top of the world in the field of Information Technology, which has created a lot of product through which it is world class, whether it is IT infrastructure or Internet of Things, IBM has also developed development of Watson. Which works on the automatic Artificial Intelligence Life Cycle or also provides cloud storage, besides this much Are there has been created a lot of product for cloud services Service industries such as service to the industry to quotas have been made a lot of products through them.

2.MICROSOFT: A technology that you always need every time Whether you’re at home or working in the school, you need a technology. The Microsoft company working in that technology is at the very highest position. Some technology software is very top quality, such as Windows Microsoft Office 365 product quotes like Microsoft Visual Studio Apart from this, it offers a lot of other services, its driver games games.

3.ORACLE: This company makes many types of technological software and products. It also produces product in the field of development. It also produces product in the field of finance. In the fields of HR, industries make IT products or even in the fields of IT Marketing Sales and Services. In the field of Information Technology, this company also offers many world-class services. Laud infrastructure cloud service provider or the database-related security have all these things or even management company Java programming language is used Provide the technology field is also still the same at the moment to be by all.

4.ACCENTURE: Many products have been created by this company in the field of Innovation and Growth. If you want the Export Eyes of a product to be good for you, then this company’s product can be very good for you by this company. All things have been invented, it also creates a lot of products in the field of innovation. Joke is a list of Technologies and the market Being Oriented also makes it a lot of product, whether it is Reliance Business from Artificial Intelligence of Technology Consulting Marketing, from Future works Station.

5.HPE: This company creates a lot of products for IT professionals, such as technology related to relayed discovery, or all other things, makes the world class technological product that facilitates human life and works of any company. Keeping these things in mind, this Company Infrastructure Build as well as Cloud Innovation Share IT Technology and Export Also hosts the company’s product.

I do not come to the company’s staff to help all the people so that you see the technological company’s website, understand them, go to the products and services they provide, go to the industry related products and services, so that you coin it Your life will be easy in your company, your life will be easy if you start using technology in real  I to Microsoft company comments have it built by the need Microsoft Office to be 365 or both will make it easier to do a lot of things that I have with it is also easy to work is related to your studies or professor as you company that showed Industries manufactures a product so that it will be very expensive to use on a person will be business probably a lot of work Can be obtained.

1. IBM Automation, Cloud, Watson, Internet of Things,Business processes and operations
2. MICROSOFT Windows, One-drive,Outlook,Skype, Windows digital game,Microsoft 365, visual studio,Windows Server
3. ORACLE Oracle Cloud, Autonomous Database,Java,Engineering System,Middle ware,Human Capital Management
4. ACCENTURE Cyber Resilient Business, artificial Intelligence, Industrial Equipment, Chemicals, Communication and Media
5. HPE Memory Driven Computing, Mission Financial, Health and Life Science,Hyper-covered System,Hybrid cloud platform

In today’s time, there is a round of technology in Jaipur, every child wants to join technology, in this time it has become necessary for any company to use technology and simplify their work. To make the life easier, technology has played an important role in curbing corruption, which was done earlier in the register, from today it is very easy through technology. It is also being done that any mistake can be made in the wrong way without any mistake, but any mistakes can be made without the permission of any editor in the computer system. It should be given almost impossible importance and we should also understand how Technology can change life and it is changing, along with it also simplifies the work there, if technology is used properly, With the help of logistics, technology can change the world today Technology is moving very fast today Many people join the technology in the corner of the world. You have a new experience. You should also be seeing your children experiencing it today. More games than playing in the world are more likely to play technological games. This means technology has been made from heart more and more people connect with technology Why not become understand the technology and think of something to make a career in the technology and technology will continue to show its dominance ahead.