Distribution of Population by Religions

Distribution of Population by Religions

Religious profile of the populace is an important socio-cultural and demographic feature noticeable from the first Census in 1872 till now. The data of religions or religious groups for which information was collected had some variations in the pre-Independence period. But after Independence, particularly since 1961 there has been some uniformity in the collection and the generation of the religious data. Besides the six major religions, e.g. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh, census also collected data on other religious faiths and denominations.
Some of the religious faiths and persuasions are variants or varied manifestation of the major religious groups. The huge list of these other religions were checked, edited, classified and processed to get the precise picture of the data.

In the past information on religion as provided in Census was very limited but in the last Census 2001, a number of cross-tabulations were made available. The data showing distribution of religious groups in 2001 provide is available at State and district levels down to sub-divisions and towns. Cross-tabulation of different religious groups by literacy, classification of workers and non-workers provided new insights. These are additional information compared to those published data of past Censuses.

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Distribution of Population by Religions
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