Tourism Management System PHP And MySQL Project

PHP and MySQL project on Tourism Management System is a web based project and it has been developed in PHP and MySQL and we can manage Package, Customer, Transportation, , Travel Agent and Booking from this project. The main objective to develop Tourism Management System PHP and MySQL Project is to overcome the manual errors and make a computerzied system.

In this project, there are various type of modules available to manage Travel Agent, Customer, Package. We can also generate reports for Customer, Package, , Booking. Here the Package module manage all the operations of Package, Customer module can manage Customer, Transportation module is normally developed for managing Transportation, module manages operations, Travel Agent module has been implemented to manage Travel Agent.

  • Modules of Tourism Management System in php

    • Admin
    • Users
    • Guest users


    • User can register yourself.
    • User can login with valid email and password.
    • Forgot Password(user Can recover own password)
    • Tour Booking
    • Manage Booking
    • Generate Ticket(Regarding Complaint)
    • change Password