If we want to secure any transaction, blockchain technology is a new method by which we can further strengthen digital currency, we can make digital currency more secure and we can make any transactions Can be completed in minutes, in today’s time, when it takes 2 to 3 days in the transaction, if we transact from country to country and we If we want to do immediate transaction then we need any theft like banking system or these people charge their transactions in between and complete the transit of one person’s other person. For this reason, if we want to If we complete this transaction, our system will be very easy. In today’s time block-chain usage is not just in transaction, its sub In industries other field is such that we Block chain technology use can also use the voting system we block Technology Technology can use the block to keep your document may 11.

In order to simplify any transaction, we need development. For this reason our method of currency has changed in today’s time. We want to transfer data as it is today; Germany’s demand is increasing day by day and This is the reason that today Blockchain Technology has given a new thought abroad for transactions but banking system is needed here but If we remove this banking system from disappearing, then the way of our transaction will change as we know that in 2008, blockbuster technology was used, but there is no relation to technology blocks.

Different technologies in different times make. For this reason we should understand what time at which time technology will simplify, if we use the military properly in our business, it will move forward.

1.  IBM Blockchain: [IBM Blockchain networks are changing the way the world works] IBM’s block chain technology is doing a very good job today. This blockchain movies have brought the concept of a new transaction, if we use IBM’s block and technology, our business can move very easily, give it to the company for the transaction.

2. Blockchain on AWS: [AWS provides the simplest way to build scalable blockchain networks and ledger applications for your business] Blocken Technologies of Amazon Web Services today is solving many customer problems. We can solve multiple parties network, Centralized Trusted and with the help of 3D, today Amazon Web Services solves all these things very easily.

3.  Blockchain on Azure: [Develop, test, and deploy secure blockchain apps] Microsoft’s blockchain technology today offers a validified system along with Transparent, for people who help a lot of such contracts and sharing data with the security of security, this technology.

4.  Building hybrid blockchain/cloud applications with Ethereum and Google Cloud: [Hybrid cloud-blockchain applications] Google’s Hybrid blockchain application creates a platform that helps a business to move forward in an integrated form. If any business wants to use the block chain with the use of Big Data in the Marketplace, the Internet of Things Sales. He can use the cloud block chain application.

5..  Oracle Blockchain Platform: [Securely, reliably extend business processes and accelerate B2B transactions] In today’s time when the demand for digital currency is increasing day by day, it is necessary that any transfer trust is very important if you want Enterprise Block Change These Sentence Write as well as Accelerated Development Enterprise Block World Level Block applications can use the cloud.