Rapidex Computer Course PDF Download

Rapidex Computer Course PDF ( With CD ) Provides the Complete Solution of Computer and its Peripheral Devices including Hardware, Software, Windows 10, Tally, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Browser, Internet, Operating System Basic etc. This book is written on the view of Competing the basic information of Computer Course and after reading this book students will be able to Operate Computer Easily.


Rapidex Computer Course

Rapidex computer course ir the best book for learning basic and advance computer courses. rapidex computer course book is available in bilingual mode rapidex computer course in hindi and english. Rapidex computer book provides you the well illustrated concept of computer and computer software.

Rapidex Computer Course PDF Download

Rapidex Computer Course Book is the Ultimate Solution to get Familiar with the Computer. In this point of time I want to include one best things about this Book is that this book also covers the basic concept of Network and Cyber Security, which is really very essential now a days. This book also gives the suggestion to must use antivirus on his/her Computer for safeguard purpose because Antivirus provides the Extra Security layer to the System.
Rapidex Computer Book gives you the Step by Step Guide to Learn Computer Very easily. Learning about Computer is easy if you follow the step by Step Guide of Computer Course Book.

Salient Features

The Salient Features of Rapidex Computer Course Book pdf is as Follows:

1. An Introduction to Computer is described in very easy Manner.

2. The Book Firstly Introduce How to Start (ON) the Computer and How to Shut Down (OFF) the Computer.

3. You will get the compete Knowledge of Peripheral Devices like Central Processing Unit (CPU also known as Mother of Computer), Monitor (Display Device), Keyboard (Typing Device), Mouse (Pointing Device).

4. The Basic concept of Operating System is also provided in the Rapidex Computer Course, and also the Shortcut key of Windows is provided in this Book like CTRL+C (Copy), CTRL+V (Past), CTRL+A (Select All), CTRL+P(Print), CTRL+R (Rename).

5. You will Also get the Compete Detail of Keyboard in this Book like Caps Lock Key(To Capitalize/Small the Letter), Fn Key( Windows Function key from F1 to F12), Delete Key(Delete the Content), Number Key(0 to 9), Alphabet Key( A TO Z ), Shift Key(To Select the Upper Symbol), Space Key(To take Space in between).

6. This book also covers the Basic Software like Tally, Paint, Adobe Photoshop (For Photo Editing), Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint (For PPT Slide), Microsoft Word (For Document).

Course Content

The Revised Edition of the book is based on Windows as the operating system and the Office 2017 suite as the basic software package. This Rapidex Book covers all aspects of computers, the Internet and software suites. It begins with instructions for setting up and switching on your computer. Then it guides you through the Disk Operating System (DOS) and the Windows operating system (Windows Vista) and help you gain knowledge of the Internet, e-mails, and Office 2007 along the way.
Description of Rapidex Computer PDF:
Rapidex Computer Course [With CD] provides a Crisp and Practical Introduction to Using Computers that run on the Windows platform, Mac Platform and Linux Platform.
Content of Rapidex Computer Course PDF:
Revised & Updated New Edition of Computer Course is comes with Step by Step easy to use self-learning Kit of Rapidex Computer Course.
I. Computer Intro

II. Windows Vista

III. Windows 7/8 and XP Edition

IV. Windows 10

V. Microsoft Word 2017

VI. Microsoft Excel 2017

VII. Microsoft PowerPoint 2017

VIII. Microsoft Access 2017

IX. Tally

X. Internet

XI. Microsoft Outlook
The literal use of illustration and screen shot provided in this book facilitate the viewers to easily understand and grasp the Computer Concept. This book is an Invaluable guide for Professional kids, students, steno, manager, accounts, executives, professionals, Entrepreneurs and all other computer users.
Index of Unit and Chapter Contents
Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: Fascinating World of Computers 1 - 20
Part II: Windows Vista
Chapter 2: Windows, a GUI & Operating System 21 - 62
Chapter 3: Treasure of Windows Utilities 63 - 120
Part III: Word 2007
Chapter 4: Word, a Word Processor 121 - 166
Chapter 5: Mastering Word 167 - 216
Part IV: Excel 2007
Chapter 6: Excel, a Spreadsheet Application 217 - 248
Chapter 7: More Adventures with Excel 249 - 284
Part V: Publisher 2007
Chapter 8: Publisher, a Page Layout Application 285 - 312
Part VI: PowerPoint 2007
Chapter 9: PowerPoint, a Presentation Application 313 – 342
Part VII: Access 2007
Chapter 10: Access, an RDBMS 343 - 392
Part VIII: Tally
Chapter 11: Tally, an Accounting Application 393 - 444
Part IX: Internet
Chapter 12: Internet, the Global Network of Computers 445 - 484
Chapter 13: Power of Internet Unleashed 485 - 512
Part X: Outlook 2007
Chapter 14: Outlook, a Personal Information Manager 513 - 554
Various Uses of Rapidex Computer Book Chapter are As Follows:
 Word Processors can create documents like letters, essays, even books
 Spreadsheets can be used to manage simple day-to-day expenses as well as to manage and analyze complex business accounts.
 PowerPoint Presentation application can be used to create powerful presentations and slideshows to convey their ideas to an audience.
 Emails and contacts can be stored, sorted, arranged in categories and accessed at any time using mail and personal information management applications


Specifications of Rapidex Computer Course Book PDF:

Size: - 126 MB (Complete Book)
Edition: - 2020
Format: Paperback
Book: Rapidex Computer Course
Author: Pustak Mahal Editorial Board
Publisher: Unicorn Books Pvt Ltd


Product Description

Product Description/Summary of the Computer Book
Rapidex Computer Course (With CD Video) teaches the readers about the basics of Computer as a utility Device. And it also teaches the way of using a computer for household, studding, teaching, classroom, coding. Starting with the operating system rapidex computer course book also covers some commonly used applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, Corel Draw, Tally, Microsoft Office 2007/2013/2017, Microsoft Word 2007/2013/2017, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2013/2017, , Microsoft Excel 2007/2013/2017 and many other Software’s. It also provides an introduction to the Internet IP and its uses. As we all know that computers make a person’s life easier.
About Pustak Mahal Publication Pustak Mahal is one of the leading publishers of mass appeal books in India. They produce a plethora of books on self-improvement, health, beauty care, and language learning like Rapidex Self Letter Drafting Course, Rapidex Language Learning Course with CD, Over 1000 Common & Uncommon Proverbs, etc.
Review of Rapidex Computer Course Book:
The Rapidex English Speaking Course Book is Very Good and Excellent Book for Learning about Computer. This book does a great job of introducing the fundamentals of using a computer. It shows the many ways in which the device can be used to increase productivity and make the user’s life easier and richer, by introducing many different applications.
It is a compact basic course in computer usage that can be of use to anyone. It can help all kinds of people, from students to self-learners. The book introduces word processors and then shows how the Word application can be used in many ways to create different kinds of documents. Then Excel, a spreadsheet application in the Office suite, is discussed. Next, Publisher 2007, a page layout application is introduced. After this, the book looks at PowerPoint 2007, a presentation software. Then Access 2007, a database management application, is covered. Next, the book introduces Tally, an accounts management suite.

Flow of Topics

Rapidex Computer Course Book and its flow of topics covered:
Rapidex Computer Course [With CD] begins by providing an Introduction to the world of computers. It then presents the operating system that runs the computer. The book covers the Windows Vista OS, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. It explains the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), and shows how to use the Windows operating system. It also provides an overview of some useful Windows utilities and then moves on to cover the powerful Office suite of applications. It presents the various components of the Office 2017 suite. It covers Word 2017, Excel 2017, Publisher 2017, PowerPoint 2017, and Access 2017. The book also covers Tally, an accounts package, and Outlook 2017 a personal Information management application.
Rapidex Computer Course is a comprehensive guide on computers and their basic application in everyday life. The book comprises of chapters on personal computers, Windows Vista, Microsoft Office tools, internet and email, and Tally. In addition, the book is accompanied with an interactive CD, which will help the readers understand the computer concepts better. This book is essential for anyone who aspires to learn how to proficiently use a computer. Rapidex Computer Course (With CD) then provides a concise overview of the Internet. It explains to the readers how the Internet is a huge, global network of computers and how this immense network can be used in many beneficial ways. After this, the personal Information management application, Outlook 2007, is covered.

As the time changes the major changes in Information Technology is happening in tremendous fastly ways. To be in sync with all that has happened in the world of computers, software and the Internet, Rapidex Computer Course "with over two million copies in print" has been completely revised and updated.
The mission of this book is to provide a step-by-step training to self-learners and students of computer courses. Full of practical examples, this book stands out from a host of other "teach yourself" books. While the contents have been thoroughly revised and updated, the style is the same friendly and familiar one.

Rapidex Computer Course PDF

In this model technology world, the use of computers is increasing day by day, that is why computer is proving useful for everyone today, whether for studies or for programming, for managing business. For executive post meeting, computer is proving useful day by day for every task, today children sit at home and use their computer Yes, it is possible that all these things are possible, that is why it is very important for every child to have knowledge of computers. Will help a lot in learning or the book name is Rapidex Computer Course PDF.

Read In Hindi

This book will help you to learn the computer in your language so that you will be able to understand the different functionality of the computer easily. This book will bring you first of all what is the computer about the basic functions of the computer. Everybody of the computer performs every functionality of the computer very well, after that you will get small things like the button on the computer. Has also been covered in the book.

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