Foreign sources of Indian constitution

Many common people contributed to the making of the Constitution of India, along with this, when the Constitution of India was being built, the intellectuals of our country like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel have made their important contribution and thus With the formation of our Indian country, our Constitution was prepared by taking help from the Constitution of many countries. E went to assist the constitution of countries in building India's Constitution thus.

  1. The United States of America has also included many good things in the constitution of the Constitution of India. If we look in the Constitution of India, we find that the fundamental right of India Also, judicial review has been added to the Constitution of India from the Constitution of the United States. Knowledge of independence of the judiciary has been the US Constitution in the Constitution of India.
  2. The UK constitution has included things like the governance system of resources and single citizenship, as well as the process of law making has also been taken from the UK constitution.
  3. Principles of Directive Policy have been taken from Ireland. The system of President's electoral system has been taken from the constitution of Ireland. The President has also taken human rights of eminent persons in the field of literature, black science and social service etc. in the Rajya Sabha. Is done by different types of people.
  4. Provision of language and concurrent list of preamble from Australia, as well as relationship between center and state and division of powers has been taken from Australia Parliamentary privilege is also taken from Australia whenever we talk of concurrent list and concurrent We should understand that the provision of the list was taken from the Constitution of Australia and when we talk about partition That division occurs in the middle of the state and the center also and the way Australia is derived from the Constitution went from the concurrent list Australia as well as the introduction of language.
  5. During the transition from Germany to the Emergency, the President has taken the fundamental rights related to the constitution of Germany. We can remember in this way that Germany is a country where the Emergency has been a very important role. We know that Germany The dictator will always remember that the fundamental powers that the president has been given during the change of emergency, this fundamental right no. Ndhi president's powers went from the German President to fundamental rights in Germany he was also, or at the time of change of emergency and the rights which will be remembered by thus been included in the Constitution of our country has been taken over by Germany.
  6. The federal constitution has been taken from the Canadian constitution, as well as the residual powers that have been given to the center from the Canadian constitution, the appointment process of the governor, the union power division with the partner has been taken from Canada. The way the division of powers should be understood is taken from the Constitution of Canada. It tells about the division of the Union and the States.
  7. The provision for the process of amending the constitution of South Africa has been taken. To remember the constitutional amendment in South Africa, you need to remember what is being done. Remember the process of amending the constitution.
  8. The provision of Fundamental Duties has been taken from Russia as well as it confirms that every human being should have some fundamental duty. Whatever work people should be doing in that country, they should have a fundamental duty. Which country loves them to do this work because if any person lives in that country, at the same time they have to confirm that the country has Fundamental duties have to be performed and must be done.
  9. The process established by law has been taken from Japan. We can remember in this way that it tells the process of setting the method. The Japanese tells us that how the method should be installed is a very important thing. Who should establish the method of the method so that it can run properly and the method is not beneficial to the country whenever we talk about the method and established the method Talking, it has been taken from Japan and has been included in the Constitution of India.

So let us now in the Constitution of India that the sources from abroad have been taken while making the Constitution of India and in constructing which India has used foreign sources and the countries from which India has taken some parts of the Constitution. We think of it as a sign form in an emperor form so that we will remember it. First of all we have to remember that what India is is the original one from the United States. Damn has been taken judicial full frequency The supremacy of the constitution has also been taken from America, things like impeachment have also been taken from America, independence of judiciary has also been taken from America, we should understand one more thing here and the High Court The law to remove a judge and financial emergency has also been taken from America, thus you can understand whether there is a fundamental right or a judge Zika's independence is derived from the United States.

I want to tell you all one more important thing which is very important for you and should be understood that there are many domestic and foreign sources of the Constitution of India. You should understand this very well that the Indian Constitution brought by Britain and the Indian Government Act 1935 have a lot of influence. Construction of about 250 articles out of 395 articles in Indian constitution.